Mongolian journal of law 2020 №5

Хууль Зүйн Үндэсний хүрээлэн

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Хууль, эрх зүйн сэтгүүл
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Тоо ширхэг
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Номын тухай

Since 2003, The National Legal Institute of Mongolia has started to publish a legal a peer-reviewed journal “Mongolian Journal of Law” (former name as referred to as “The Law Review”) and a total of 78 series of volumes are published since its first edition to the public. The Journal publishes quarterly per one in Mongolian and a special edition in English once a year.
The Editorial Board consists of reputable Doctors and Professors in the field of law and representatives of the court, prosecutor’s office, and advocates. The published works can be earned for those studying to obtain law degrees as an academic credit score for the LL.M. and LL.D. programs of the law schools and universities or Training of the Mongolian Bar Association.

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