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Mongolia has an ancient history and tradition of state and legal culture, and had a written legal code titled, ‘Ikh Zasag’ which has been named in scripts as Ikh Zasag (Great Governance), Ikh Yos (Great Rule), Ikh Zasag Khuuli (Great Governance Law) that expressed the great power and dignity of Chingis Khaan. Mongolia was subject to the socialist legal system for more than 70 years and, since 1990, social structures have been changing at a fundamental level. Since this time, democracy, human rights, freedom, the rule of law and the free market system have been fully acknowledged by Mongolians and comprehensive legal reform has been In Mongolia, the process of legal reform has taken its strength and works related to legal training and legal research have been developing and advancing to a feasible An illustration of that is in the field of criminal law. It has been 13 years since the adoption of the Criminal Code in 2002 which is compatible with the concept of the Constitution of 1992. Currently, there is an urgent need for the Criminal Code to be renewed, although, it has in fact been amended 10 times due to changing social relationships and the passage of time. In line with that, the Government has prepared the Draft Criminal Code and submitted it to the Parliament. The final discussion of the Draft Code will be held in the Parliament’s This Draft Criminal Code has been developed in order to: (1) redress the drawbacks of the current Criminal Code; (2) make the current Code consistent with international conventions that Mongolia is party to; (3) bring the Code into substantial compliance with international benchmarks; (4) make it capable of responding to Mongolia’s crime conditions; and (5) improve the Criminal Code’s easy of use. On the whole, the Draft Code has been developed to create a just criminal system in the country.
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Crime, criminal law, criminal code, capital punishment, Criminal Code of 2002, types of punishment
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LAW REVIEW сэтгүүл, 2015 он, №5.
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